Automatic Vacuum Wine Preservation Stopper Furore

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Automatic Vacuum Wine preservation Stopper

This automatic wine storage cap is used by pressing the cool holding cap down, the bottle opening will start pumping automatically. During the pumping process, the LED display indicates the pumping progress in real time. After pumping is complete, the display saves the number of days and the increments every 24 hours. In the saved state, press the top button to display the room temperature, select the appropriate cold environment to save (can also be stored directly in the refrigerator).

Material: ABS + Stainless Steel

Rated input power: 3.7V = / 5W

Output power: 5V = / 10w

Charging method: USB Charging

Size: 4,6x8,6cm (1,81"x3,38")

Quantity: 1 Automatic Vacuum Wine Preservation Stopper

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