Hand Forging Iron Pan Tianjin

Size: 36CM
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Hand Forging Iron Pan

Unlike conventional pans, the wok is very versatile because it allows you to sauté, fry, and steam, but its most characteristic function is in stir-fries. The wok enhances the flavor, color and texture of the food and allows preparing highly decorative and appetizing dishes.

Material: Cast Iron

Feature: Eco-Friendly, Heat treatment is required before use, otherwise it will rust.
The processed iron skillet is dark blue and will not rust. We will fill it out for you before we send out the package for free, because it is manual operation, so the color of the pot will be a deviation, please understand

Wok type: Non-coating

Certification: CE / EU, CIQ

Applicable Stove: Gas Cooker

Available in 3 sizes

Size: 32, 34, 36cm (12,59", 13,38", 14,17")

Quantity: 1 Hand Forging Iron Pan

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