Salt and Pepper Mills Levu

Color: Black
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Salt and Pepper Mills 

In a kitchen you cannot miss spices, especially Salts and Peppers. Now, finding the exact point of pepper can be the real challenge, many times because we don't have a good pepper shaker or grinder we end up adding too much to the recipe, and no one wants that in their dishes. For this reason, it is convenient that you have in your grocery store, whether you are professional or amateur chefs, the best pepper mill, which allows you to grind the seeds in a simple way and have the freshness of this spice always at hand.

Material: Oak Wood + Stainless Steel

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Available in 3 colors

Colors: Black / Original Wood / Brown Wood

Height: 50,8cm (20")

Quantity: 1 Salt and Pepper Mills

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