Antique Crystal Whisky Glass Kuk

Color: Sky Blue
Sale price£93.90


Antique Crystal Whisky Glass. Handmade.

This magnificent glass cut by hand is made of transparent glass, it is created with pure raw materials selected through a refined design and true artisan techniques. It is known for a high degree of transparency and gloss and can make clear sound.
A large and precious crystal, the elaborate geometrically cut glass is impressive, demonstrating the highest quality craftsmanship. Handmade by artisans, its shape is unique and gives a real feel to any place.

Material: Crystal

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Available in 6 Colors

Color: Black / Green / Red / Blue / Burgundy / Sky Blue

Capacity: 250ml

Size: 8x9cm (3,15"x3,54")

Quantity: 1 Antique Crystal Whisky Glass. Handmade.

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