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Champagne Flutes Zermatt (4 Models)

Champagne Flutes Zermatt (4 Models)

Champagne Flutes

The Zermatt Champagne Flutes stand out for their classic and elegant design, typical of the most distinguished tables. Its fine and elongated stem facilitates the grip of the glass, avoiding contact with the chalice. In this way we will prevent the content from heating up prematurely.

Certification: CIQ

Material: Crystal

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Certification: CIQ

Color: Transparent

Available in 4 Models

Capacity: 200ml / 280ml / 285ml / 290ml

Size: A- 4,5x25,6cm (1,77"x10,07") Look at Graph

         B- 4,9x25,6cm (1,92"x10,07")

         C- 8,9x25,6cm (3,50"x10,07")

         D- 4,5x25,6cm (1,77"x10,07")

Quantity: 1 Champagne Flute

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