Creative Coffee Cup Set Kelso

Capacity: 220ML
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Creative Coffee Cup Set

Creative cup and saucer set. Thanks to the specific characteristics of porcelain, this is the quintessential material for food service. In addition to retaining the temperature, it does not change the flavors as it happens with other materials. The grip of the cup does not have contact with the walls of the cup and it is a way so that the person does not get burned.

Material: Porcelain

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Technique: Pigmented

Available in 4 Sizes

Capacity: 70ml / 100ml / 160ml / 220ml

Cup Size: 6,2x6,5cm (2,44"x2,56") / 70ml

                 7,5x7cm (2,95"x2,75") / 100ml

                 8,5x8,8cm (3,34"x3,46") / 160ml

                 9x9,5cm (3,54"x3,74") / 220ml

Saucer Size: 15x2,2cm (5,90"x0,86") / 70ml

                      16,5x2cm (6,49"x0,78") / 100ml

                      19,5x2,5cm (7,67"x0,98") / 160ml

                      19,5x2,5cm (7,67"x0,98") / 220ml

Quantity: 1 Creative Coffee Cup Set

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