Creative Food Shelving Lucania

Color: Option1 golden
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Creative Food Shelving.


Option 1: Iron and Glass
Option 2: Zinc Alloy
Option 3: Iron
Option 4: Iron

Feature: Eco-Friendly. Very easy install and use

Available in different models


Option 1: Total Width: 35 cm (13.78")
                 Total Height: 26cm (10.24")
                 Dish Diameter: 17cm (6.69")
Option 2: Diameter 17 cm (6.69")
                 Height 9cm (3.54")
Option 3: S: 27x18 cm (10.63"x7.09")
                 M: 32x22 cm (12.60"x8.66")
                 L: 39x27 cm (15.35"x10.63")
Option 4: S(LxWxH): 30x18x8 cm (11.81"x7.09"x3.15")
                 M(LxWxH): 34x22x8 cm (13.39"x8.66"x3.15")
                  L(LxWxH): 38x26x8 cm (14.96"x10.24"x3.15")

Quantity: 1 Creative Food Shelving.

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