Digital Kitchen Scale Peyto

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Digital Kitchen Scale

A steel scale is always going to be one of the best options we can look for, and it is for that reason that it ends up being quite good to choose one of these since the exact measurements are needed for any recipe, and this type of scales can give exactly what you are looking for.

Material: Stainless Steel

Feature: LED Display, With Scale Tray

Scale Type: Digital

Power Source: Battery

Battery: Included

Accuracy: 1G

Load Bearing: 5Kg

Covert unit: g / oz / ml / kg / Ib

Color: Silver

Bowl Size: 22x9,5cm (8,66"x3,74") look at graph

Size: 19,5x12cm (7,67"x4,72") look at graph

Quantity: 1 Digital Kitchen Scale

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