French Press Coffee Maker Lens (3 Size)

Capacity: 350 ml
Sale price£27.90


French Press Coffee Maker

It is a coffee maker capable of achieving an intense and aromatic coffee. Actually, it is a sophistication of the first ways to prepare coffees as the grandparents did in pots, pans, pots or as in your area the pot for cooking that was also used to prepare coffee is called.

Material: Stainless Steel 304

Color: Silver

Available in 3 Sizes

Capacity: 350ml / 800ml / 1000ml.

Size: S- 7,6x14cm (2,99"x5,51")

        M- 10x20,5cm (3,93"x8,07")

         L- 10,5x22cm (4,13"x8,66")

Quantity: 1 French Press Coffee Maker

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