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Full Engine Charcoal BBQ Texas

Full Engine Charcoal BBQ Texas

With the arrival of good weather, it is inevitable to think about it. And, if you still do not have it, it is even more so to know the characteristics of each one to choose with knowledge of cause. So today we want to talk about the advantages of charcoal barbecues. A true icon of this type of outdoor cooking that is also synonymous with sun and enjoyment. And that is the magic of barbecue. That its celebration implies reunion, sharing a relaxed time and savoring life.

Full Engine Charcoal BBQ

Material: Stainless Steel 201

Grill Type: Charcoal Grills

Certification: CE, 3C

Feature: Easy to assemble, Adjustable height, Folding

Safety Device: Flame Safety Device

Net weight: 22 KG

BBQ Specification: 113x45x90cm (44,5"x17,7"x35,4")

Grill: 89x45x25cm (35"x17,7"x9,8")

Engine Power / pair: 25 W / 60 KG

Quantity: 1 Full Engine Charcoal BBQ.

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