Iron Wok Huai (2 Sizes and 2 Models)

Models: A
Size: 32cm
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Asian Iron Wok

This traditional wok is made of iron, without non-stick Teflon or other types of alloys. Fine iron woks are very good conductors of heat due to the material from which they are made. Furthermore, its shape distributes heat evenly. Like the iron pans, special care must be taken: they are cleaned with soap and water, avoiding abrasive products and of course, dishwashers, they are dried and - very important - they are kept with the inner part greased with a little oil , to prevent rust.

Material: Iron & Beech wood

Feature:Eco-Friendly, Non-Stick

Certification: SGS

Pot Cover Type: Without Pot Cover

Applicable Stove: Gas Cooker

Available in 2 sizes and 2 models

Weight: 1,7Kg / 1,8Kg

Diameter: 32cm / 34cm (12,59" / 13,38")

Size: Look at Graph

Quantity: 1 Asian Iron Wok

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