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Pot Coffee Maker Moka (2 Colors)

Pot Coffee Maker Moka (2 Colors)

Pot Coffee Maker Moka

Mokas coffee makers are small coffee makers that our mothers and grandmothers put on the fire and in a minute they flooded the whole house with a wonderful smell of homemade coffee. Although for many it is a thing of the past, the truth is that the Moka coffee maker is a classic that has always been there. And it will always be. But the true essence of coffee, for the very coffee growers, will always be the Moka coffee maker.

Material: Aluminum

Certification: CE

Capacity (Cup): 4-6 cups

Capacity: 300ml

Available in 2 colors

Color: Blau / Black

Size: 9,6x19cm (3,78"x7,48")

Quantity: 1 Pot Coffee Maker Moka

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