Pure Copper Frying Wok Wabasca (8 Sizes)

Diameter: 24cm
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Pure Copper Frying Wok

Please keep the pot dry after each use, we recommend that you use a napkin, cotton cloth to dry it. When you receive it, apply onion and salt to the surface of the pot, wait for it to dry, and use a towel to clean it. Since the copper ion is very unstable, it can be easily oxidized. Copper oxide is non-toxic, does not affect the use and function. If it rust, don't worry, just apply vinegar and salt in 1: 1 ratio, rub on the surface, then you can remove the rust layer.

Material: Pure Copper

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Certification: CIQ

Pot Cover Type: Without Pot Cover

Applicable Stove: Gas Cooker

Available in 8 Sizes

Size: Diameter: 24x6cm (9,4"x2,3") / 0,6Kg

                           31x10cm (12,2"x3,9") / 1Kg

                           34x11cm (13,3"x4,3") / 1,35Kg

                           38x11,5cm (14,9"x4,5") / 1,6Kg

                           40x12cm (15,7"x4,7") / 1,9Kg

                           45x14cm (17,7"x5,5") / 3Kg

                           50x17cm (19,6"x6,6") / 4 Kg

                           60x20cm (23,6"x7,8") / 5,5Kg

Quantity: 1 Pure Copper Frying Wok

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