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Smokeless Infrared BBQ Grill Arizona

Smokeless Infrared BBQ Grill Arizona

Smokeless Infrared BBQ Grill

Its use is extremely easy, making it a comfortable and practical barbecue.With gas barbecues we can start cooking immediately. To start the Arizona barbecue, all the work is to open the gas tap to light the burners. I let it warm for a few minutes before putting food on. And of course, in this process of "heating" no smoke is produced. It is a clean cooking system, since the fat from the food falls into a small tray under the burners. Also, the grill is easy to clean. I use a scouring pad and it looks perfect.

Material: Stainless Steel

Grill Type: Gas Grills

Gas type: LPG

Stove Cover: Glass Cover

Safety Device: Flame Safety Device, High pressure protection device, Oxygen depletion safety device.

Feature: Adjustable height, Easy to assemble, Piezoelectric ignition.

Size: 84x40x19cm (33"x15,7"x7,5") look graph.

Quantity: 1 Smokeless Infrared BBQ Grill

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